You can rely on ZTI-LLC to guide you through every step of the process.  We provide the services you need to get your project off the ground, including:

  • Expert Field Knowledge
  • Aquatic Engineering
  • Design Development
  • Specification Writing

Construction Services

ZTI-LLC takes pride in providing the following services throughout Florida and the Caribbean:


New Commercial Pool Construction


Total renovation of commercial swimming pools/spas/dive tanks/ fountains/water features. 

*Exposed Aggregates  *Pool-Crete 

*PVC membrane liners systems


Installation of 1-inch and 2-3/8 inch interlocking brick pavers and marble/travertine pavers


Waterproofing of swimming pools/spas, planter boxes, parking decks, pool decks, walkways, parapet walls, interior/exterior parking garages, secondary containment. *POLYUREA *Polyurea Flack  *Bond-Crete  *Pool-Crete  *Great White


Speciality roofing systems and industrial flooring (light to heavy traffic). *POLYUREA  *Epoxies  *Polyurethanes


Concrete restoration - Partial and full depth oxidation repair


Poylurethane injection resin leak repair


Lining potable and non-potatble water tanks/cisterns/marine  *POLYUREA


Aquatic Code Compliance


Condonminium 40 year recertification aquatic specialists


Aquatic Engineering


Aquatic Consultation



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